Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version)

(Come on, we dare with English !!
For the end of the 2016, we present our first entry in english, half done between google translate and me, and with the help of Carlos Portillo and Antonio Vidal … All the snags are Google thing, and the successes are the work of Carlos and Antonio)

If you are starting to plan your trips for 2017 you may be interested in knowing what you are going to find out there, as far as restoration works, enclosed places and scaffolding are concerned.

All the information is in our List of Monuments in Restoration, which you can get by clicking here, but we have decided to make a summary with the most significant ones.

Here it is.

The scaffolding that you will find in monuments of America

Although it was the object of recent work in preparation for the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup, the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will be under construction again in 2017. Not much is known yet about the works, only that a campaign to raise funds has been put in place and the works are essential for the state of conservation of the monumental sculpture, mainly as a result of its exposure to meteorology.

If you go to Washington (United States of America) you will not be able to go up to the Washington Monument; The memorial to which it was first president of the United States of America, located, like many other memorials in The Mall. The reason is a little peregrine in the country in question: in autumn of 2016 the elevator was damaged and they have been incapable to fix it. So they have decided to close it at least until the spring of 2019.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios Monumento a Washington Foto tpsdave 27.09.16
If things do not change a lot, in 2017 you will be able to contemplate this beautiful view of the Washington Monument – the beginning of a television series – but you will not be able to climb it. (Photo tpsdave)

As for the other capital of North America, Otawa, (Canada) in 2017 you will find in works one of its most emblematic places and loved by the Canadians, The Hill, where are located its main democratic institutions . Next year it is expected that the works of one of the institutional blocks, the west one, will finally  start in the central block, which is the most iconic. If you are lucky you will be able to find the photo without scaffolding, but it will be difficult …

And if you travel south, to Mexico, in its capital you will find two monuments in restoration that, perhaps are not of the most significant of the DF, but they are important, of course for the Mexicans: «El caballito», which is an Equestrian Statue of Carlos IV, which it will be under construction at least until June. In February, al least iniatially it is planned to restore one of the murals of Siqueiros located on the monumental campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Here we write of its importance.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios El Caballito foto By Luisalvaz Own work CC BY SA 4.0 30.12.16
The equestrian statue of Charles IV of Manuel Tolsa when it was already covered by scaffolding in 2015 (Photo Luislavaz Own Work CC-BY-SA-4.0)

What can you find in Asia?

The one that in Un viaje sin andamios consider the main monument in restoration of the world: the Taj Mahal, Agra, (India). After the work was done in its minarets during 2016, in 2017, although the date has not yet materialized, it is the turn of the main structure, the mausoleum itself. This means that when the works begin, the idyllic photo will be completely ruined since in minarets not only were used scaffolding, but also an ugly green canvas. Here you can see our first entry about the Taj Mahal and here the second.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios Taj Mahal Foto alkarozum91 febrero de 2016 30.12.16

Thus was the Taj Mahal in February 2016 during the restoration work of its minarets which, sometime of the year, were covered with a green mesh. In 2017, it will be the central structure that is under construction. (Photo alkarozum91)

In Japan you can find in restoration and with scaffolding that affect in one way or another the visit to different temples and cities. In Tokyo, Senso-ji‘s five-story pagoda, one of the main temples will be covered with scaffolding until September. The luck is that the rest of buildings can be visited as normal. Some of the main buildings of the Meiji Shrine will also be under restoration, and the works will be completed in 2019. In Nikko, inside Rino-ji you can find completely covered with a great structure the Sanbutsu-do; And in Toshogu Srine, the Cave of the Three Monkeys that in principle is closed until after the first quarter of 2017. Finally in Kyoto, the Kyomizudera temple will be in restoration until 2019 in a process that will include its main building, although not has determined if the works in this one will begin in 2017.

Throughout 2017 will be carried out in Bagán (Myanmar) the restoration works of the main temples affected by the August 2016 earthquake. The works are scheduled to begin in January. You have to keep in mind that some great temples will be covered with scaffolding – bamboo – and even with tarpaulins and that you may not be able to go up to watch the sunset in some of the most famous stupas.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios Birmania 943a
Some of the most famous stupas from which it is contemplated the sunset in Bagán will be closed by restoration; You will have to look for alternatives to enjoy this spectacular moment (Photo Un viaje sin andamios)

In Bangkok (Thailand) one of the major temples which is in restoration, Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn, should finish its works in early 2017 (in fact it was expected to end in 2016) so if your trip is for well entered year should not have problems with this famous temple.

What about Europe?

El Patio de Los Leones in La Alhambra, Granada (Spain). The restoration does not in itself affect the central elements of the Patio, but to the roofs. However there are scaffolding around the patio that can tarnish the photos.  There are no restrictions for the visits. The works will not end until the end of 2018. Here you can see our entry.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios La Alhambra desde San Nicolás 3 Foto Un viaje sin andamios 30.12.16
In spite of the works you will be able to enjoy in all its fullness of almost all the Alhambra; Also of the wonderful views of the whole from the neighborhood of Albaicín (Photo Un viaje sin andamios)

Also in the south of Spain, another of the most visited places, La Giralda, which is the tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla, will begin a long process of restoration: during the first months of 2017 and for half a year the west face will be Covered by scaffolding that successively and until 2020 will reach the other faces. In Spain you will not be able to see, this time in Santiago de Compostela, the Romanesque masterpiece, the Pórtico de la Gloria de la Catedral, whose restoration works will not end until the end of 2017 and, in the meantime, you will find it covered .

If you go to Normandy, in France, until June you will find in restoration the cloister of the abbey of Mont-Saint Michel. Other places that you will find in works in France will be the Cathedral of Narbonne, some point, although minimum, in the Cathedral of Chartres and several churches in Paris like San Agustín, the Madelaine or Saint Eustaquio, but especially the Pantheon, whose second phase, in the interior, will begin in 2017 (although they have not specified date). Of course you may also be interested in the fact that seven squares of the French capital, including the one of the Bastille (whose column is already covered with scaffolding), the one of the Madelaine and the one of the Pantheon, among others, will be remodeled from 2017.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios mont saint michel foto werner22brigitte 06.10.16

The cloister of the Mont Saint Michel Abbey will be under construction until June 2017; It might be worth waiting to see one of the most spectacular places in Europe. (Photo werner22brigitte)

Although there is no specific information, it is likely that if you visit Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (Turkey) throughout 2017 you will find scaffolding inside, occupying a large part of the main nave. Here you can see our entry about Hagia Sophia. In addition, remember that the Imperial Treasure, which is normally located in the Conqueror Pavilion of Topkapi Palace can not be visited for restoration works on the premises. Here you can read our entry.

If your idea is to get to Istanbul on a cruise and, furthermore, you are thinking that this one also take you to Athens, keep in mind – although not too new – that on the Acropolis the works are almost eternal. In 2017, among other places, it is the West Fronton of the Parthenon, which you can find with scaffolding and some crane.

Another of the great protagonists of 2017 will be the Big Ben of London (United Kingdom of Great Britain). The popular tower whose name is Elizabeth Tower, and in which is located the no less popular clock will be in restoration during the next three years. In 2017, whether you like or not, you will find it covered with scaffolding although they have promised that one of the four faces of the watch will always be visible and that, except for very specific occasions, will be in operation. But … get the idea that in 2017 you will not bring from London the traditional photo with the Big Ben and a red bus (of course you will be able to achieve it either in the following two years …).

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios london bridge 945499 1920
Big Ben on the night of London, an image that will take years to be able to contemplate. (Photo Unsplash)

Although the information is not specific, if you visit London you also have to keep in mind that in April the restoration works of Buckingham Palace will start. It is not at all clear how this will affect the traditional, colorful and very photographed change of guard … If you are interested, you can be attentive to Un viaje sin andamios where we will be very aware of the information coming out of the Palace … In Britain still, the Restoration of the Durham Cathedral tower must end sometime in 2017, but there is no way to confirm the date … Here we have told it.

In Berlin (Germany) remember that in the Museum of Pérgamo you will not be able to see his main piece, just the one that gives name to the museum, the Altar of Zeus of Pergamo, whose room will be closed until 2020.

In Italy, you will not find great surprises in 2017, after 2016 ended iconic places like the Coliseum, or the steps of the Spanish Steps in Rome. The Duomo of Pisa is in restoration preparing for its ninth centenary, but for now the scaffolding, present in the dome and in some point of its interior do not interfere too much in the visit.

And much less, those that are installed in the Duomo of Milan for the restoration of their needles. In Venice, in 2017 (but there is no fixed date) will finish the works that today are showed in the facade of the Basilica of San Marcos that gives on the Piazzeta and announces the integral remodeling of the Bridge of the Academy, that would finish in the last trimester. What you will find covered with scaffolding at least until the end of August, is the Fountain of Neptune, symbol of Bologna; Anyway, by guided tours, you will see the colossal statue of the sea god as never before and never after.

Scaffolding by the world in 2017 (english version) Un viaje sin andamios Bologna Nettuno primissimo piano Ph. Roberto Ravaioli

Close up of the Neptune inside its ‘prison’ of scaffolding (Photo Roberto Ravaioli, facilitated by the Press Office of the restoration)

Finally, if you want to plan a trip to the Tierra Santa, you should know that in the second quarter of 2017, the works of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem are expected to finish, while those of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem will continue until 2018, now affecting The columns, but much of the scaffolding that covered the mosaics has already been removed.

So far the summary; If you want to see all the monuments that we have in our list of monuments in restoration, remember that you have it here and we always try to be updated.

Happy new year!!



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